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“Tackling the Weird and the Wild”

The Munching machine
Do you have grown up pasture land, hedgerows, hills, areas around your house or barns that you would like to reclaim for animals, walking, horse or snowmobile trails, or just beautification?
The weedwhacker just isn’t tough enough and a tractor is too big.
We have just what you need to get the job done.

Got too many weeds?
You know what it needs.
Broestler Brushcutting.
No more weeds, guaranteed.

Reclaim your land with Broestler BrushCutting.
We can clear your overgrown areas so you can regain use.

  • Our machines can navigate wet, swampy areas, hill sides and rough terrain to help you keep brush at bay.
  • Brush trimming helps eliminate homes for animal pests and disease spreading insects. We Clear and cut:
  • Overgrown Pastures
  • Overgrown Backyards
  • Thick Heavy Brush
  • Snowmobile and Horse Trails
  • Ditches • Steep Areas
  • Wet Areas Along with offering:
  • Mini Excavator for Digging and Drainage
  • Hauling and Removal of Manure, Debris, Gravel, Compost, etc.our equipment
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